The Secret Library of Solihull

In 1 on March 8, 2010 at 5:30 pm

8 March — 8 May 2010

Solihull Art Gallery
The Secret Library of Solihull reveals the many spectacular and subversive works that fall under the title of “artist’s books”.

Everyone has a favourite book and in this form of modern art it is the book itself which takes centre stage, however artists’ books are a little-known form of contemporary art, which  became popular during the 20th century. Often produced in small quantities, artists’ books are books, or book-like objects, intended as a work of art in their own right.

Works on display include books that focus on wordplay, feature the book as a theatrical stage for conceptual ideas, a dynamic and infinitely complex surface for imagery, or a springboard from which to launch sweeping narratives.

A highlight of the show is Tina Hill’s spectacular, towering walk-through piece “Excavating Babel” which dwarfs the viewer inside a sculptural installation of more than 2,000 books.

Recent graduate Jatinder Bains was commissioned to make the unique exhibition card for the Secret Library which folds-up into a book. Also presented here is her handmade “Systematic Journey” a book of photographs taken during a journey through Birmingham City centre.

Wolverhampton-born artist Simon Goode displays his innovative letterpress-printed works, such as “The Heart”, printed and bound by the artist himself, and based on an abstracted physiology of the human heart, and “The Machine”, an entirely handmade and letterpressed book based on the avant-garde Futurist Manifesto.

This show also includes an opportunity to see important book art works from the Collection at the Centre for Fine Print Research at University of the West of England, which are rarely seen outside Bristol.

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